Welcome to hardik's world!

Hell0 Every 1!

This is Hardik Thakker's Homepage. Here you can find information about me and my life style. You can find my blog which contains some good information about web designing, internet and computers. You can also find some pics here. As well as you can find my directory which contains a long list of great sites. Interest and Projects section contains details about my projects and my interest. I am very eager about computers, technology, the Internet. I hope that this site will be helpful to you.

UnderStanding the Site...

This site is divided into 4 main sections..

Sections of this site:

  1. About Me and Pictures: This section contains some information about me. The picture section contains pics of me and my friends.
  2. Blog: Which obviously contains my blog. This may prove helpful to web designers and web developers.
  3. Projects: This section contains information regarding the projects created by me. This section has all the detail about my projects.
  4. Directory:This section contains links to some interesting sites.